I just wanted to share with you a HUGE thank you! C absolutely loves....LOVES...playing with Dynasty. She comes off the field talking a mile a minute about practice and your player-coaches. What a wonderful experience for C that is only adding to her love of the game and motivation to be her best (she has high lacrosse goals for herself). Thank you!  Your players are engaged and really inspirational to C. So thank you so much for this amazing start and we look forward to years with Dynasty!

Thanks again to you and your coaching staff. Also, the website looks awesome! Easy to navigate and very well organized...

All the best,


"Hello Ladies,
I just wanted to say hello. My name is S M and my daughter A, 9, had her first experience with Duck Lax last night. She was so happy when she came home. I was very impressed with what I heard at the parents meeting and just wanted to pass that along. We look forward to a great season for all.


"Without Coach Duck - J would not love lacrosse the way she does!!! I want to thank her publicly for the way she motivates, encourages and drives J for success and high performance!!! There are no words to express my gratitude!! @coachducklacrosse #DuckLacrosse#DynastyLacrosse #AISLacrosse"

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