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Gymstarz Fitness LLC was birthed January 2016. Since then it has grown to be a successful company by word of mouth and the reputation of getting the results of each client’s need. Sam Nelson, founder and CEO has a passion for fitness and believes in changing one body at a time.  


Sam was able to collaborate with Coach Duck to assist in the speed and agility training to prep the team to be champions in the sport Lacrosse at the Agnes Irwin School. To stem from that, the parents showed interest in having their child also train individually with Gymstarz Fitness LLC. Resulting in greater speed, confidence, more endurance, and satisfied with the results.


In April 2017, Gymstarz Fitness LLC has also signed a new contract with the Recovery House in Coastville introducing the clients to a new way of living thru exercising daily and teaching the clients that this new way of living has no finish line.  


Programs offered:

Speed and Angility (next generation -GSTARZ)


Boot Camp/Group Training

High Intensity Training

Fat Burning & Weight Loss

Body Building

Health and Wellness


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